What do we do?

Earphones for your hearing health care

Personalized audio

Using the acquired parameters, your headphones will improve your user experience by adapting the sound reproduction in a dynamic and personalized way.

Continuous monitoring

Unique and innovative method capable of monitoring hearing health from your own earphones through tests based on the emission of acoustic tones.


The acquired signals are processed in the cloud in real time by the HealthEar application that connects the headset to the processing algorithm.

Early detection

The review of the parameters acquired through the headphones allows early detection of possible hearing dysfunctions and pathologies.

Alerts system

The HealthEar application will notify you when abnormal values are found during monitoring, so that you can contact health professionals.

Monitoring of external noise

The technology developed by Sensoria includes methods for monitoring external noise.

About us

Sensoria Biocare S.L. was born in 2019 in the city of Valencia when 5 colleagues and friends who were students at the Polytechnic University of Valencia decided to join forces to promote a project with the aim of having a positive influence on the health and well-being of the population.

The project arises in October 2017 when we realized the existence of an electronic design competition at European level in which the university participates. At that time, we decided to participate under the name of HealthEar in the category of biosignals, whose application has a more direct relationship with people’s health. We decided to form a multidisciplinary team from our fields of knowledge to provide solutions to social and health problems from the most innovative and cutting-edge engineering.

To develop technologies for the non-invasive monitoring of health parameters, designing new procedures to improve both quality and comfort.

To improve people’s quality of life and lifestyle through research, development and implementation of solutions linked to the field of health.
To guarantee the excellence of the service by means of the verification of the products and the personalized assistance to the users through the personality and experience of our team.

The HealthEar project

People tend to seek a healthy lifestyle, relying on the use of new technologies as tools to obtain a higher quality of life. For example, pedometers to count steps, then activity monitors that evolved into health monitors and now the world of health comes to the headset.

And it must be used responsibly because, according to the World Health Organization, exposure to recreational noise can be harmful to our ears and can be a source of very serious problems.

The HealthEar project seeks to provide a solution to these problems by means of a headset capable of monitoring the user’s auditory health from which the listening experience is improved by customizing the audio to each particular ear.

1st prize at the First European Design Contest held in 2018 by Analog Devices and Wurth Elektrönik eiSos

3rd prize in the LEAN category at the 13th Edition of the UPV IDEAS Awards held in 2019.